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If you've read out 20 Golden Rules page, you will know we are fanatical about drinking pure water and it's health benefits. And not drinking Colas.

Both these suggestion, like most in the modern world, are easier said than done. When you've grown up with Coke or Pepsi, its almost as difficult to stop the habit as it is to get Joe Camel out of your life, and you can be sure that Coke and Pepsi ads won't be banned anytime soon! The whole American economy might collapse!

Finding pure water today is almost as difficult! But it could be the single most important item in your quest for long term health.

Dr. Batmanghelidj, MD, considers pure water so important to ones health that he has published "My Natural Miracle Cure Program" based on the increased intake of pure water. He has been able to cure a large number of serious diseases using this drinking water therapy. His cures are based on the theory that many modern diseases are due to dehydration of the body, and more specifically, dehydration of certain organs will result in symptoms which are often mis-diagnosed by Physicians. The message is: drink your way to health with volumes of pure water.

First, the Bad News

America's piped water supplies are in a bad way and impact on our everyday health:

In 1992, the EPA tested over 8,000 municipal water systems, and found more than 800 were supplying water with unsafe levels of lead. In addition, lead piping in homes was only outlawed in 1986, so most plumbing in homes today add to this danger.

Over 1,000 water distribution systems did not even complete the EPA's monitoring requirements, so nothing is known about those systems.

10, 000 violations were issued by EPA against hospitals, schools and hotels for violations of the water quality standards! 43% of all water systems serving 120 million residents were found to be in violation of EPA standards in 1993.

In 1993, 400, 000 people in Milwaukee became sick from piped water which was contaminated. 104 died, yet this water met EPA requirements! In the same year, New York and Washington advised users to boil water because of fecal contamination. 53% of Americans use water from systems that violated EPA standards.

Chlorination, the most widely used method of killing bacteria in water, is known to produce powerful carcinogenic residues, including Dioxin. Studies have shown that the risk of bladder cancer is doubled if you drink chlorine treated water. 50, 000 Americans develop bladder cancer annually. Chlorination also destroys Vitamin E in the body, which can lead to heart problems, and has been linked to clogged arteries.

Half the cities in the US now fluoridate their water, on the pretext that this will help stop tooth decay. Fluoride is the most common toxin used in rat poison, and a recent study of 156 cancer deaths discovered that fluoride accumulates in the body and may cause cancer and/or other fatal diseases. Toothpaste's, the second most common source of this suspected carcinogen, must now warn that small children should not swallow large quantities. The only sure way to remove fluorides from your water is through reverse osmosis or distillation.
But the worst news is that drinking fluoridated water weakens the bones by breaking down the bone collagen - the fabric which binds the minerals together. Worse still, bone density will be shown to increase after using fluoride supplements while its susceptibility to fracture increases dramatically.

Water contaminated by Cryptosporidium parvem has been identified from Oregon to Florida, in fact, in 85% of all water intakes drawing from surface supplies. It is not killed by chlorination.

Neither is Giardia lamblia. Yet it is present in the pretreated water of 40 million Americans. It causes conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance and chronic pancreatitis, which are often misdiagnosed by Physicians.

What are the alternatives?

Firstly, keep drinking pure water, and lots of it: at least eight glasses a day - more in hot weather. The four most affordable and practical sources of this water are:

Bottled water. This is now a three billion dollar industry in the US. The FDA classifies drinking water as a food, but because of limited staff, this is largely an unregulated industry. A lot of bottled water comes straight from a tap, most of it not even filtered. Sanitary conditions at the bottling plant are unmonitored, and the bottles arrive at the plant without caps, so they could have been contaminated on the way. Because most bottled water is not chlorinated (the reason we buy it!) any bacteria can breed in the closed bottle, so try to buy fresh bottles. "Distilled" bottled water is theoretically safer than other types, but there are as many bottled water qualities as there are bottles.

Filters. Activated carbon filters are excellent at removing organic contamination and pesticides from water. They do not remove inorganic chemicals and heavy metals like lead. These require ceramic filters, which can also remove Cryptosporidium and Giardia, as well as rust and dirt. So you really need both filter types in line.
The main problem with all filters is that they need to be changed and cleaned regularly. If they are not, they become a point of concentration and a breeding ground for the very contaminants we want to remove.

UV Filters. Organisms exposed for enough time to ultra-violet light will die, and this includes viruses, the most difficult microbe to kill. (This is the same mechanism which wrecks our skin and eyes, and causes cells to mutate.) It is thus desirable to have a UV filter in line with your carbon and ceramic filters.

Distillation. This is the safest and most effective method of water purification, but is also the most costly. It is a process whereby the water is boiled, and the pure steam recondensed to water again, leaving behind all heavy metals and contaminants, and killing all bacteria and viruses. Home and office models are available now, and apart from their cost, the only other drawback is that they can remove all the minerals from the water, and thus can leach minerals from our bodies when we drink it.
Check out what Medical Experts say about Distillation.

Other options

As with all things in this degraded world we live in (but still, what a wonderful place it is!), life is a trade-off. If you can afford it, install a home based distillation plant. We have finally located one which meets our high standards for quality and relaibility. Check it out. You will be surprised how little it will cost you, and how your whole family will benefit from its water.

If you are strapped for cash (and who is not these days) buy bottled water at your Supermarket; the distilled kind costs about $0.70 a gallon. This is an investment in your health. Or buy a home water filtration system consisting of activated carbon, ceramic and UV. AND CHANGE THE FILTERS REGULARLY!

Most importantly, understand that if we succumbed to every hostile bacteria in this world, humans would have a lifespan of minutes, not three score years and ten. The world is full of "germs", nasty ones. If our immune systems and natural defenses are weak, the invading hordes over-run the system very quickly and efficiently. The only thing that sustains us is our natural, in-build defenses, and this applies to contaminated drinking water as much as it does to contaminated air or food. So its vital, particularly in a degraded world, to bolster these defenses.

MSM has proven to be one of the most effective substances to do this. In the short time it has been on the market, it has exceeded expectation in terms of:

Armoring the lungs and sinuses against irritants which are the major cause of asthma and allergies. It coats the mucus membranes with a microscopic layer of organic sulfur which prevents these irritants from entering the surface of these sensitive organs.

By coating the stomach and intestines with sulfur, MSM prevents parasites from establishing a bridgehead in the bodies weakened defenses. This includes tiny parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, so difficult to remove from water.

MSM also allows all tissues in the body to regain some of their youthful flexibility. This empowers the lungs, which absorb more oxygen , and the digestive system which is able to take in more nutrients from food. It also adds flexibility to hardened arteries, improving the blood flow without the use of damaging drugs.

In this way, the immune system is strengthened, and the body is more able to deal with the assaults it receives from bacteria, viruses and parasites.

MSM also routs out deposits of toxins in the body, ridding it of substances which can cause cell mutations and tumors.

A Program for better health with better water.

Because of the complexities of water quality, and of modern life, the best defense against illness is a strong immune system. This relieves you of the constant worry of "Will I catch that Bug?" Of course you' catch it, but your system will not allow it to go forth and multiply in your body! MSM is by far the most powerful natural substance to do this. This does not relieve you of the need to insure that your drinking water is as pure as you can afford to make it, as heavy metals could still penetrate the MSM defense, and build up residues your body does not need. So do something about the water you drink, and do it now!

I will be adding links to sources of information on the products mentioned on this page to help you identify costs and benefits of the systems.

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